Media Coverage: Urban Design Panel Meeting on 105 Keefer St.

June, 1, 2016:

Roundhouse Radio


Roundhouse Radio – Rezoning Opposition says adding a cultural centre to Chinatown “isn’t enough.”

20160601 Roundhouse Radio Article - ir

A rezoning application for 105 Keefer Street is being disputed by a group called the ChinaTown Concern Group.

Organizer King Mong Chan says the plan to build a cultural center is just not enough.

“The cultural space that they are offering now is only 1000 feet, next to the alleyway and it’s only for a 10 year rental agreement. We don’t think that this development is appropriate for that site and something better for the community should be at that site instead.”

In addition to the center, 25 social housing units for seniors are being proposed.

Chan says more units are needed in order to provide assistance to seniors.

“It needs to be developed in a better way than what is being proposed for the community. We think that 25 social housing units for seniors is not enough.We want to see 100% percent of seniors be able to have low income housing there.”

He also says the redevelopment of the area is forcing the closures of shops that have been in the area for years.


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