“Activists call on C.B. 3 to take a stand against wave of luxury high-rises”

June, 2, 2016 – The Villager


Community Board 3 got an earful last Tuesday night from a coalition of Lower East Side activists who complained that the board was dragging its legs in the battle to stop the proliferation of luxury high-rises, hotels and other upscale developments that are displacing poor people who live in the neighborhood.

Members of the Chinatown Working Group — a coalition of grassroots organizations whose goal is to draft a master plan that would preserve housing affordability in a wide swath of Lower Manhattan — spoke out angrily at the full board meeting at P.S. 20 on May 24. They repeatedly demanded that C.B. 3 at its next monthly meeting issue a strong statement of support for the coalition’s housing preservation agenda.

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“建理想愛城華埠 學者:助族裔融和”

2016-06-14 –  星島日報


利德蕙指出 認識歷史 十分重要

由愛民頓中華會館主辦的第二屆華埠會議(Chinatown Conference),上周末(11及12日)於亞伯達大學舉行,會議目的是集合北美各地華埠的代表,商討如何保留及發展富歷史和文化價值的愛民頓華埠區。

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“Don’t Leave City Planning to the Planners”

June, 3, 2016 – The Tyee


Who should have the last say in our cities’ planning decisions, the planner experts or the non-expert citizens who must live with the results?

If I wanted to make the case for the role of the non-expert, I could say just two words and then stop: Jane and Jacobs. The great urbanist author was the ultimate skeptic and analyst, a non-professional, an observer, and we have been celebrating her centenary and legacy in recent weeks. In the pre-architecture courses I took at UBC around 1970, all the professors were modernists and so told us to read the mega-project loving Le Corbusier and study Brasilia for ideas about the future. Reyner Banham with his love of Los Angeles was similarly fashionable, partly for the novelty of endorsing something as outrageous as a car-captive lifestyle in an architecturally kitschy landscape.

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