“Opinion: ‘This used to be Chinatown …'”

May, 12, 2016 – Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER, BC., February 14, 2016 -- Participants in the 43rd Chinese New Year Parade through Chinatown in Vancouver, BC., February 14, 2016.  Thoudansd lined the streets to celebrate The Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Lunar calendar which began on Monday February 8th in 2016  (Nick Procaylo/PNG)   00041666A   [PNG Merlin Archive]
Participants in the Chinese New Year Parade through Chinatown in Vancouver. NICK PROCAYLO / PNG

I travel to cities around the world that have Chinatowns — San Francisco, Honolulu, Brisbane, Yokohama, even Amsterdam. I visit because of my research as a historian, but I also have a personal interest. When I was small, my grandfather used to walk me to Chinatown from our house near Commercial Drive. My four-year old legs would get tired and so he would always carry me the last few blocks. I loved the way the elderly men and women in the cafés would greet us, giving me candy and teasing my grandfather about how lucky he was to have a grandchild. We called them the “lo wah kiu” — the old-timers. My grandfather was one of them. He came to Vancouver as a teen in 1923, just before Chinese were excluded by Canada. He paid the Head Tax and spent his life working in B.C., retiring as a cook on an Alaskan cruise ship. Many of these elders, after long years of toil, gathered in Chinatown to eat and talk and joke with each other as they lived out their days.

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“Three Vancouver neighbourhoods listed as threatened on heritage watch list”

May. 10, 2016 – The Province


Development pressure in Vancouver is threatening landmark buildings as well as three vibrant neighbourhoods, earning them places on a new “Top 10 Watch List” released by Heritage Vancouver.

Commercial Drive, False Creek and Chinatown are part of the city’s history, their unique characters are at risk, says the organization.

“This year we are seeing particular threats to our neighbourhood’s character, culture and history ranging from a loss of individual architecturally significant homes to the potential loss of entire communities — and perhaps more importantly the community nodes that hold them together,” according to Heritage Vancouver’s site.

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“10 Chinatown societies to get $496,000 funding for renovation”

Apr. 29, 2016 – Ming Pao (translated)

Ten Vancouver Chinatown societies will receive funding totalling $496,000 under the City’s Chinese Society Building Matching Program to carry out renovation works that will help maintain the special characteristics of the historic buildings.

Four of the organizations are first-time applicants. The proposal will be decided at next Wednesday’s council meeting.

Four of the societies: Gee How Oak Tin Association, Zhongshan Lung Jen Benevolent Society, Hoy Yin Association and Yin Ping Benevolent Society of Canada are first-time applicants and they will share the grant of $140,000, while the remaining six will receive a total of $356,000.

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“School tops Heritage Vancouver’s 2016 endangered sites list”

May. 5, 2016 – Vancouver Courier


A heritage school is once again in the top spot on Heritage Vancouver’s annual Top 10 endangered sites list. Bayview elementary at 2261 Collingwood St. earned the dubious honour for 2016. It represents conservationists’ ongoing concern about the city’s historic schools. Last year, Point Grey secondary grabbed the top spot.

(See section on Chinatown below)

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2016-05-03  – 星島日報


作為歷史學家的余全毅,呼籲大家要了解何謂歷史傳統(historical heritage),以及構成歷史傳統的軟件及硬件。他說,如果本質不變的話,無論對方提出多少個方案,他都不會接受。

“華埠應申古蹟保護減發展密度 余全毅抨「紀念碑」旁建高廈未顧長者”

2016-05-04 – 明報


【明報專訊】在華埠「先僑紀念碑」旁邊興建高樓的發展計劃再遭華裔社區反對,指新方案是「舊酒新瓶」,更認為華埠不應再處於被動的角色,要取回控制權,建議參考溫市第一桑拿斯區(First Shaughnessy District)早前被列為溫市首個古蹟保護區的做法,向溫市政府爭取把華埠劃為保護區,限制發展密度和控制柏文住宅數量,避免華埠失去傳統面貌。

發展商Beedie Living上個月第三度向溫市政府提交華埠奇化街(Keefer St.)105號及哥倫比亞街(Columbia St.)544號的發展計劃書(簡稱「105 Keefer」發展計劃),稱已作出多項讓步,把地積比率和部分樓層降低,以配合旁邊的「先僑紀念碑」和中山公園。

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華埠惹爭議柏文 發展商堅持建13層 再修訂計劃 被學者批評換湯不換藥

2016-05-03 – 星島日報


卑詩省一個地產發展商周一宣布,已經就惹起爭議的溫哥華華埠高廈發展項目「105 Keefer」,向溫市政府提交第二份修訂方案,其中會進一步減少柏文單位數量,提供公眾文化空間及長者屋單位等,樓高將維持13層不變,但靠近中山公園那面則減至11層,更指獲得多個華埠組織的支持。對此,一直認為在該處建高層柏文將嚴重破壞華埠景觀的卑詩大學(UBC)歷史系教授余全毅稱,方案是「換湯不換藥」,仍然是不可以接受(詳另文)。

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Vimeo – Rent to Stream Documentary


Genre – Documentary
Duration – 26 minutes
Availability – Worldwide

Set in the historic Chinatown neighborhood in Washington, D.C., this observational documentary provides an insight into the impact of gentrification on the daily lives of its residents. The film intimately follows three residents over the course of a year. Their stories give voice to the community’s attempt to preserve the culture and heritage they value.

“卡城華埠地皮發展 押後至年底審議 動議通過 盼解決社區分歧”

2016-04-12 – 星島日報


第7區市議員珠菲露(Druh Farrell)周一提出動議,就相關的爭議制訂一份額外的「規劃展望報告」(scoping report)。她說:「是一個很進取的時間表,要求各界通力合作。……華埠現時的經濟發展並不如我們所想的。我們也看到許多長期空置的地皮。」
現階段,市府初步計劃在不足8個月的時間,再次就該發展計劃諮詢受影響人士,期望辨識「爭議的細節」,最終給予各市議員「更多資料」決定投票取向,當中會有更詳細的評估,以及正檢討修訂的華埠革新計劃書(Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan)的進程。

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