“Not good enough: Chinatown coalition opposed to new development proposal”

May, 16, 2016 – CBC News (with Audio from CBC Early Edition)


The Chinatown Action Group says a scaled-back proposal for a development application at 105 Keefer Street still isn’t good enough.

The Beedie Group’s most recent submission is a 13-storey building with 119 units down from 134 when it was initially submitted — plus 25 units dedicated to social housing for seniors. This is the third application for the development.

But the coalition of neighbourhood activists says there aren’t enough social housing units on the table.

“We’re asking for 100 per cent social housing. That’s what meets the needs of the community,” said Sophie Fung, spokesperson for the Chinatown Action Group.

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“Controversial project in Vancouver’s Chinatown revised”

May. 2, 2016 – Vancouver Sun

Keefer Part 3.JPG

The Beedie Group is hoping it’s third time lucky with a controversial development proposal for 105 Keefer in Chinatown. But it may be a hard sell with Chinatown activists.

Beedie’s new submission to the city shows a slightly smaller development with 119 market condos, down from 127 last year and 134 when it was initially submitted in 2014.

The overall structure is still 13 storeys, but the western facade has been dropped two storeys, and the top four floors have been set back, making it appear smaller from the street.

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“華埠應申古蹟保護減發展密度 余全毅抨「紀念碑」旁建高廈未顧長者”

2016-05-04 – 明報


【明報專訊】在華埠「先僑紀念碑」旁邊興建高樓的發展計劃再遭華裔社區反對,指新方案是「舊酒新瓶」,更認為華埠不應再處於被動的角色,要取回控制權,建議參考溫市第一桑拿斯區(First Shaughnessy District)早前被列為溫市首個古蹟保護區的做法,向溫市政府爭取把華埠劃為保護區,限制發展密度和控制柏文住宅數量,避免華埠失去傳統面貌。

發展商Beedie Living上個月第三度向溫市政府提交華埠奇化街(Keefer St.)105號及哥倫比亞街(Columbia St.)544號的發展計劃書(簡稱「105 Keefer」發展計劃),稱已作出多項讓步,把地積比率和部分樓層降低,以配合旁邊的「先僑紀念碑」和中山公園。

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