“Portsmouth Square: A Historic Hub And Community Centerpiece”

May, 29, 2016 – Hoodline

Originally called the Plaza, and now known as the “Heart of Chinatown,” the city’s oldest public square harkens back to the days of Yerba Buena, the small coastal settlement that became San Francisco.

Portsmouth Square bears very little resemblance to its past, but the plaza is a significant historic and cultural space that continues to function as a focal point for community gatherings.

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“Pushing Hands: Tai Chi in Chinatown Draws Both Young and Old”

May, 28, 2016 – Hoodline


Visit Chinatown in the early morning, and you’ll may come across Chinese elders stepping through the graceful and deliberate movements of tai chi in Portsmouth Square or Washington Square Park. But despite its reputation as a popular activity for the elderly, this Chinese martial art is enjoyed by both young and old folks alike.

Originating in traditional Taoist and Confucian philosophies, the internal martial art of tai chi today includes five schools based on variations of a parent style founded in Chen Village in China’s Henan Province in the 17th century.

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「熱鬧高漲」麻雀活動 — 2016 新年系列!

“Hot and Noisy” Chinatown Mahjong Social – New 2016 Series!



Saturday 30 January 2016

3:00–6:00 PM

Chinatown Plaza Mall, 180 Keefer Street

2016 年 1 月 30 日


奇化街 180 號 華埠廣場一樓

Play-Teach-Learn MAHJONG and other Chinese games! Community free play. No gambling.

齊來參與麻雀耍樂及各種遊戲! 免費公眾活動 不含賭博成分.

BYOPP (Bring Your Own Poh-Poh)! 邀請你的家人和長輩!

Celebrating CHINESE NEW YEAR and the Year of the Monkey! 一起慶祝農曆新年!
Red envelope crafts – Bring and re-use your red envelopes from home!

利是 (紅包) 手工藝 — 帶上你的舊利是封,發揮新意!
Free CNY cake (nin gou/nian gao 年糕) with purchase from Plaza merchants! Buy your New Year plants and clothes! 享用廣場商戶提供的免費年糕!

Brought to you by the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown – 青心在唐人街

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