“Another Chinatown building sold at high price” (Translated)

Aug. 21, 2016 – Translated from 明報 Ming Pao


Another Chinatown building sold at high price

 Concern group worries gentrification could lead to loss of traditional storefronts

 Ming Pao A8 August 21, 2016

 The worry about gentrification and the loss of more Chinese storefronts is being raised once again following the sale of a street corner building in Chinatown that could be demolished and rebuilt as a nine or even 12-storey tower.

 Despite repeated fights and ongoing calls for more affordable housing and saving more low-rent storefronts in Chinatown, the situation has been getting worse  and Chinatown is becoming less and less affordable particularly for those low-income Chinese seniors, according to Wai-on [Leung] of the Chinatown Concern Group.

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“Over 50 Chinatown community members walked out of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s fifth and final public meeting on the sale and redevelopment of Parcels 25 and 26”

July, 1, 2016 – Sampan

By the Chinese Progressive Association and the Asian Community Development Corporation

Yesterday evening starting at 6pm, MassDOT, along with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, held its fifth and final public meeting at the State Transportation building, where it unveiled the final guidelines and Invitation to Bid on Parcels 25 and 26. The Chinatown community has dedicated countless hours attending all five meetings and submitting oral and written comments during and after each meeting. The Chinatown community has patiently followed along with MassDOT’s public process, repeating the community’s needs time and time again. MassDOT has failed to respond in good faith and as a result the Chinatown community felt it had exhausted its options and was compelled to walk out en masse.

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“費城華埠貴族化 影響新移民居住權“

2016-06-13 – 星島日報


本報費城訊:全國亞太裔社區發展聯盟(National CAPACD)連同夏威夷原住民促進委員會日前發布了《我們的社區:美籍華人及太平洋島居民反遷移戰略》報告。費城華埠發展會(PCDC)的職員楊星兒在啟動儀式上代表費城華埠發言,闡述了社區貴族化的早期影響。


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“Challenges for Chinatown”

June, 10, 2016 – CBC On the Coast (Audio: 53:04 – 1:05:33)

“Historic Chinatown SRO up for sale”

June, 16, 2016 – CKNW News AM980


A historic hotel in Vancouver’s Chinatown is up for sale, and local housing advocates say they’re worried about what could happen to its residents.

Built in 1913, the “Royal Building,” also known as the May Wah Hotel now acts as an SRO.

King-Mong Chan with the Chinatown Concern Group says the community is worried the sale could displace many of the current residents.

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“105 Keefer crucial in fight against development in Vancouver’s Chinatown”

June, 15, 2016 – Redeye: Vancouver Cooperative Radio (Audio)

105 Keefer Street is in the heart of Chinatown, an area facing the same intense development pressures as Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Plans for a 13-storey tower don’t sit well with local residents. King-mong Chan is an organizer with the Chinatown Concern Group. He says the development will displace local businesses and the Chinese seniors who depend on them. King-mong Chan speaks with Redeye host Jane Williams.

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“Vancouver developers and community activists debate Chinatown’s future”

June, 14, 2016 – The Globe and Mail


The lot near the corner of Keefer and Quebec streets is no historic gem. Once the site of a garage, it is now covered with gravel and a smattering of parked cars.

But it has turned into a Waterloo for Vancouver’s Chinatown, with a wide range of groups viewing whatever is built there as the indicator species for the future of this small historic neighbourhood.

At the heart of the debate are these questions: Are some buildings just too big for Chinatown? And what will do more to improve this beleaguered area, which has been losing businesses and vitality since the 1970s – more social housing for the poor or more market condos to attract the middle class?

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“How to keep Chinatown alive: Edmonton conference looks at big-city success stories”

June, 11, 2016 – Edmonton Journal (Video + Article)

Edmonton hosts conference on future of big city Chinatowns

Dr. Donald Yung wears a T-shirt declaring his love of Calgary’s Chinatown at a Saturday conference in Edmonton looking at the future of Chinatowns in big cities. SHAUGHN BUTTS / POSTMEDIA

Lan Chan-Marples thinks Edmonton’s Chinatown can learn some lessons from Chicago.

More than 100 years ago, before the term “gentrification” existed, residents of the Illinois city’s Chinatown were displaced thanks to rising property values.

The neighbourhood relocated, but after a few decades, an interstate highway roared through and residents lost their only recreational facility.

The community spent the next 50 years trying to recover.

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2016-06-10 – 舢舨





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