“Mistranslation: Mister Jiu’s and the Revitalization of Chinatown”

May, 20, 2016 – Hyphen Magazine


Chef Brandon Jew has been preparing for his new restaurant, Mister Jiu’s, for a long time now. Returning to his hometown of San Francisco after cooking stints in Italy and Shanghai, Jew’s new endeavor is a reclamation of sorts. On his Kickstarter, Jew listed his hopes to “revitalize Chinatown” and “bring integrity back to Chinese food.” Even the restaurant’s name is Jew’s attempt to reclaim what was lost in the immigrant experience, using the correct Romanization, Jiu, in the place of his mistranslated surname.

Mistranslation. If I were to boil down my experience of Mister Jiu’s and its lofty goals of restoring glory to Chinatown, then that would be the word.

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“The Wall – What’s stopping Chinatown’s revitalization?”

Apr. 29, 2016 – The Gateway


A Chinatown supermarket grocer looks on as a man in a tattered navy hoodie, heavily stained blue jeans and holed sneakers limps onto the edge of the shop’s parking lot. Upon making eye contact with the shop owner, the hooded man gingerly pinches a bent cigarette from behind his ear, lays it between his chapped lips, then turns around and waddles away.

“You see, these people are harmless,” Phong Luu, the owner of Kim Fat Market Ltd on 99 St and 107 Ave, says, as he points at the man. “They’re fine people, but they don’t have the necessities. Needles are on the streets everywhere, and other people are afraid of them.”
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“Chinatown to talk growth, revitalization at banquet”

Feb. 22, 2016 – 660 News


Business leaders and community members in Chinatown plan to meet Monday evening to talk about a new era in the Year of the Monkey.

The Chinatown District Business Revitalization Zone and the Calgary Chinese Merchants Association will be discussing growth, development and revitalization interests in the neighbourhood.

They will also focus on the protection of Asian culture and preserving Calgary’s Chinese heritage.

One of the topics sure to be of big importance: a proposed 30 storey development residents are concerned will visually split up the cultural fabric of the area.

Council has put off a decision on that project until April.

The Year of the Monkey Banquet happens at the Regency Palace Restaurant at 6 p.m

“The Unlikely Boom of Chicago’s Chinatown”

Feb. 22, 2016 – NextCity


As gentrification and changing cultural preferences wipe out urban Chinatowns across the U.S., a model for survival is being proven in the heartland.

It is the kind of cold that burns the skin. But on a Tuesday morning in January, it’s bright and warm in the new branch library in Chicago’s Chinatown. Out the slim vertical windows, subway trains rush by on elevated tracks. Looking north, there is the illusion that the looming Willis Tower is close enough to touch.

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“Druh Farrell pushes for redevelopment of Calgary’s Chinatown”

Jan. 11, 2016 – Global News


CALGARY – Calgary councillor Druh Farrell is pushing for the City of Calgary to help create a new redevelopment plan for the Chinatown area.

Farrell will file a notice of motion on Monday suggesting a new area redevelopment plan be produced for the newly formed Chinatown District Business Revitalization Zone, which she calls a “unique cultural asset.”

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