“From a hang-up to a cultural phenomenon: Jim Wong-Chu on Asian Canadian literature”

Apr. 16, 2016 – The Georgia Straight

From a hang-up to a cultural phenomenon, Ricepaper founder Jim Wong Chu talks about the rise of Asian-Canadian literature, and his part in its history

Put up or shut up: Ricepaper magazine founder Jim Wong-Chu discusses the rise of Asian-Canadian literature.PHOTO BY NIKKI CELIS, 2016

Step into your local bookstore and you can find the names of Asian-Canadian writers shelved beside their literary peers.


Writers such as Bharati Mukherjee (now American), Terry Woo, Wayson Choy, Larissa Lai, Madeleine Thien, Rohinton Mistry, and Anita Rau Badami can be found alongside the likes of Joseph Boyden, Alice Munro, and Margaret Atwood. More than 20 years ago, Asian-Canadian literature wasn’t as prominent as it is today. In reality, it was still in its infancy: born out of growing frustration and the need for expression. Continue reading