“How to keep Chinatown alive: Edmonton conference looks at big-city success stories”

June, 11, 2016 – Edmonton Journal (Video + Article)

Edmonton hosts conference on future of big city Chinatowns

Dr. Donald Yung wears a T-shirt declaring his love of Calgary’s Chinatown at a Saturday conference in Edmonton looking at the future of Chinatowns in big cities. SHAUGHN BUTTS / POSTMEDIA

Lan Chan-Marples thinks Edmonton’s Chinatown can learn some lessons from Chicago.

More than 100 years ago, before the term “gentrification” existed, residents of the Illinois city’s Chinatown were displaced thanks to rising property values.

The neighbourhood relocated, but after a few decades, an interstate highway roared through and residents lost their only recreational facility.

The community spent the next 50 years trying to recover.

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“華埠地皮發展 卡市府諮詢民意”

2016-05-25 – 星島日報


市議會今年4月通過,三度押後審議一幅具爭議的地皮發展項目,並額外製訂「規劃展望報告」(scoping report),以便廣納民意,為華埠規劃發展定下更清晰方向。

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“Edmonton conference asks how to save North America’s Chinatowns”

May 28, 2016 – Edmonton Sun


Chinatowns across North America started as gateways for immigrants and turned into thriving hubs for Asian food and culture.

But with rising rents, gentrification, declining resident populations and competition from suburban amenities, the future of many Chinatowns is looking increasingly uncertain.

An international conference coming to Edmonton will ask how to save North America’s Chinatowns.

“Our over-arching question is, ‘Will there be any Chinatowns in the future?” said conference organizer Lan Chan.

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“The war over the future of Calgary’s Chinatown”

May, 28, 2016 – Globe and Mail


All eyes were on Chinatown Calgary this month as the community fought back against plans for a 27-storey development pegged for the largest vacant lot in the community. Chinatown’s existing Area Redevelopment Plan hasn’t been updated in 30 years, but with three more developers drawing up plans for the neighbourhood, it’s now getting some much needed attention.

“Policy documents like this should be reviewed every five years,” says Terry Wong, spokesman for Chinatown’s recently founded Business Revitalization Zone, “so it’s 25 years overdue.”

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“卡城華埠地皮發展 押後至年底審議 動議通過 盼解決社區分歧”

2016-04-12 – 星島日報


第7區市議員珠菲露(Druh Farrell)周一提出動議,就相關的爭議制訂一份額外的「規劃展望報告」(scoping report)。她說:「是一個很進取的時間表,要求各界通力合作。……華埠現時的經濟發展並不如我們所想的。我們也看到許多長期空置的地皮。」
現階段,市府初步計劃在不足8個月的時間,再次就該發展計劃諮詢受影響人士,期望辨識「爭議的細節」,最終給予各市議員「更多資料」決定投票取向,當中會有更詳細的評估,以及正檢討修訂的華埠革新計劃書(Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan)的進程。

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‘Council delays vote on 27-storey Chinatown tower as opponents rally outside city hall’

Apr. 11, 2016 – CBC News

Tall building would alter character of the community, says group opposing development proposed for downtown

Opponents of a 27-storey development proposed for Calgary's downtown Chinatown area march to a rally outside city hall.

Opponents of a 27-storey development proposed for Calgary’s downtown Chinatown area march to a rally outside city hall. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

Some Chinatown residents are applauding city council’s decision to delay a vote on a 27-storey tower proposed for the area.

Council voted nearly unanimously on Monday in favour of Coun. Druh Farrell’s call to put the decision off until December, pending more consultation and a new report from city staff.

A group opposed to the development rallied outside city hall prior to the vote and packed city council chambers during the discussion.

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“Proposed changes to Calgary’s Chinatown could transform it into a disaster of drab”

Apr. 10, 2016 – Calgary Sun (Video)1297823565619_original

A gem, it ain’t.


But compared to the old East Village — and it’s hard to even imagine the addiction and despair of only a decade ago, amid bicycles, brunch and gentrification — and Calgary’s Chinatown looks like the Hope Diamond of future possibilities.

Yes, it’s rough; yes, it’s shabby and a bit sketchy in places, but historic Chinatown still thrives in its own neglected way.

On weekends, the place absolutely bustles with activity and people from all corners of Calgary, all seeking a little culture and culinary adventure, on what essentially amounts to a couple of crumbling blocks near the Centre Street Bridge.

But oh, the possibilities.

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“Calgary Chinatown development fight heats up”

Apr. 7, 2016 – CBC News

Architect says project won’t change neighbourhood or character of community

The future of this Calgary Chinatown parking lot will be discussed at city council Monday.

The future of this Calgary Chinatown parking lot will be discussed at city council Monday. (Google Earth)

A Calgary-based architect is defending a proposed development in Chinatown as opposition to it mounts ahead of a city council discussion.

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“華埠地皮計劃重建 華裔憂環境受影響 發展商 擬建造 3幢商廈”

2016-04-09 – 星島日報


霍永熾和霍黎秀娟住在華埠近廿年,日常生活圈子大多在華埠、弓河(Bow River)以及沿中央街北一帶。

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Apr. 7, 2016 – Newscoop


In response to a proposed real estate development in Chinatown, three young Calgarians created the grassroots initiative I love YYC Chinatown.

On April 11th, City council will vote to accept or reject bylaws to amend the Chinatown Area redevelopment plan and a land use bylaw to increase the current maximum development height of 15 storeys to 30 storeys.  Patrick Teoh, Sylvia Leong and Christine Cheung, who are behind the “I love YYC Chinatown” initiative, want to give a voice to citizens that want more public consultation between developers and the community.

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