1 Day Left – Protect the heart of Chinatown!

ma-tai-bevTake action before it’s too late!

You have 1 day left before Vancouver city staff’s comment deadline on 105 Keefer. Send in your comments by clicking on the link below by Monday, February 27th:

Click here to submit your comments to city staff on the rezoning application of 105 Keefer Street

You may use the following letter (below) to cut and paste into your comment form. Feel free to personalize and make the letter your own.


To the mayor, council, and city staff:

I am writing you to express my strong disapproval of the 105 Keefer Street proposal and urge you to reject the application. I am one of over a thousand of Chinatown Concern Group’s petition signers demanding you protect the heart of Chinatown.

Petition link: https://you.leadnow.ca/p/chinatown

Chinatown is one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods and home to many immigrant, working class families. Beedie’s proposal will do irreparable damage by accelerating the already high housing costs and displacing vulnerable low-income families and seniors through gentrification.

I demand that the city do the following:

1) Reject the 105 Keefer rezoning application

2) Deny all market housing on this site

3) Work with federal and provincial governments to acquire the 105 Keefer St. site

4) Build 100% social housing at shelter rate or 30% of the OAS income

5) Provide an intergenerational, multi use community space, with an emphasis on seniors

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