“10 Chinatown societies to get $496,000 funding for renovation”

Apr. 29, 2016 – Ming Pao (translated)

Ten Vancouver Chinatown societies will receive funding totalling $496,000 under the City’s Chinese Society Building Matching Program to carry out renovation works that will help maintain the special characteristics of the historic buildings.

Four of the organizations are first-time applicants. The proposal will be decided at next Wednesday’s council meeting.

Four of the societies: Gee How Oak Tin Association, Zhongshan Lung Jen Benevolent Society, Hoy Yin Association and Yin Ping Benevolent Society of Canada are first-time applicants and they will share the grant of $140,000, while the remaining six will receive a total of $356,000.

The amount that each of the societies will receive ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 to pay for works to strengthen the buildings’ foundation or replacing the walls or roofs.

The total budget for the matching fund program is $2.5 million and the remaining balance now is $496,000.

The City says during the first and second phase of the program, some of the societies were unable to receive funding due to last-minute withdrawal, incomplete applications or failure to raise the matching amount. The City has decided to provide the remaining $496,000 in this third round of applications.

A total of eleven applications were received and they were evaluated with priority consideration given to first-time applicants followed by applicants that have received only one previous grant. Ten societies were eventually selected.

The city says the societies have provided housing, cultural, social, education and recreation services to their communities for over 100 years, and they are key partners in Chinatown’s revitalisation initiative. These grants will assist as an interim measure in retaining the Societies until further funding can be secured from senior government and other potential funders.


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