“PHOTOS: Heritage Vancouver’s Top Ten Endangered List”

May. 5, 2016 – News1130 (See #3 Below)

VANCOUVER(NEWS 1130) – Heritage Vancouver is out with its annual top ten list of buildings, schools and neighbourhoods threatened by development or neglect.

The aim is to continue to create awareness of the past in a city seemingly all about the future.

Number 10 on the list, False Creek South. It’s city-owned land where 30-year condo and co-op leases will begin to expire in 2025.

False Creek South

Number 9 on the list is Vancouver College where the plan is to demolish three Collegiate Gothic halls.

Vancouver College

Number 8 on the list are Townley and Matheson Homes facing demolition on the West Side.

Townley and Matheson Homes

Number 7 on the list is Commercial Drive.Heritage Vancouver President Javier Campos says the city is relaxing development restrictions that were in place before and that is changing the character of the neighbourhood.


Number 6 on the list is the Red Light District of Alexander Street. Campos says these houses from 1911-12 are not protected. “Unfortunately, the city does draw lines around what it protects and what it doesn’t. Neighbouring Strathcona homes are protected.”

Red Light District of Alexander Street

Number 5 on the list is St. Stephen’s United Church on 7025 Granville Street.

St Stephen's United Church

Number 4 on the list is the Salvation Army Temple on 301 East Hastings.


Salvation Army Temple

Number 3 on the list is Chinatown. Campos says it is a canary of several other areas. “Biggest thing in Chinatown is happening around the historic area. New and very large buildings are changing the landscape of the street.”


Number 2 on the list is the 1978 Crown Life Plaza on West Georgia.Campos says “it’s a great example of the sensitive Modernism that we have and has a lot of value in the way the design responded to the site context where it is.” There are plans to add a 50-storey tower.


Crowne Life Plaza on West Georgia

And number one on Heritage Vancouver’s watch list is Bayview Community School in Kitsilano. Campos says “at the beginning of the 20th century, these schools signified an upcoming community and it’d be a real shame to lose them now.” Many old Vancouver schools will be demolished as seismic upgrading continues.

Bayview Community School



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