“VICTORY! Our Chinatown tenants at 90 Elizabeth won a settlement with their predatory equity landlord James Fong.”

Apr. 12, 2016 – CAAAV


As housing market rates increase and affordable housing decreases, landlords in Chinatown invest in catering to newer, wealthier residents, while ignoring the safety and health of long-time residents. 90 Elizabeth tenants endured piles of garbage attracting rat infestations, collapsing ceilings, and exposed electrical wiring. Water and heat was shutdown for months.

Rather than assisting tenants, Fong asked 90 Elizabeth residents to move out of their rent-stabilized units if they were so distressed. Our leaders fought in the courts and in the community to demand their needs be met. Fong is now required to repair all building violations, stop harassment, and follow safe building procedures.90 Elizabeth also won long overdue structural renovations to tenants’ apartments that resident David Tang says “make the apartments feel brand new.”

Chinatown is not for sale. It’s community. It’s home. We must keep fighting so landlords they must meet the rights of tenants to safe and healthy homes.


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