“FACES WE LOVE – King-mong Chan and the Chinatown Concern Group”

Feb. 23, 2016 – Megaphone Magazine


The group’s identity truly formed this past year as it launched a petition campaign calling on the City of Vancouver to put a temporary halt on new market development in the neighbourhood until there were “better policies to protect Chinatown’s heritage and culture from gentrification,” says King-mong Chan, the group’s lead. The group drew a line in the sand over the future of 105 Keefer St., which has a rezoning application that’s raised the ire of community members. “This application will definitely be one of the biggest issues in this coming year and this process is marking another defining moment for Chinatown and its community.”

“Gentrification is definitely a class struggle but it is also a race struggle for Chinatown. Through the work I’ve been doing, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be Chinese. As gentrification threatens the cultural fabric of Chinatown, I’m compelled to stand and fight for this place that holds a cultural root for me as a Chinese person. But to not just do this by myself but instead to gather together with other Chinese-speaking community members to become a force that cannot be taken lightly.” – King-mong Chan


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