招聘啟事: 華人社區組織者 | Job Posting: Chinese Community Organizer


更新:申請截止日期已經過了,請等待申請結果。 Update: The application deadline has passed, please wait for the results of this application process.

(English below)




  • 建立強固的多種族聯盟和團結及聲援其他基層組織,特別與加麗基社區行動計劃英文部和唐人街關注組之間。這包括加增本組能力舉辦多種語言的活動和資訊)
  • 參與關注組核心成員每週的計劃小組會
  • 計劃及執行關注組會議決定的運動和行動
  • 建立群眾基礎的工作:
    • 安排定期的外展行動(如:敲門,街上做外展,社區大會)
    • 組織一個完善的會員和外展架構(設立關注組網絡資料庫 )
  • 提供培訓和教育機會給關注組組員(如:貴族化介紹遊覽、教育性研討會、工作坊和會議)
  • 組織義工及支持者網絡去參與和支持關注組的工作(如:發展支援隊包括傳訊、資料搜集、筆譯/口譯等等)。
  • 更新維持關注組的資訊平台(如;網站、面書網頁)
  • 書寫雙語通訊文章報導關注組的工作
  • 搜集相關的資料去配合和支持關注組的工作和行動
  • 支援加麗基社區行動計劃英文部的運動及資料搜集包括協助書寫年度房屋和旅店報告


  • 雙語能力(必須能説英語及廣東話,能書寫中英文更佳)
  • 有參與有英語能力有限的華人社區工作經驗
  • 有參與溫市東端和唐人街工作經驗
  • 卓越的交談口頭和書寫溝通技巧
  • 與社區組織計劃社區公義運動
  • 能與團隊工作、獨立、及社區委員會工作
  • 良好的人際關係能力
  • 主持研討會
  • 能收集有關房屋、收入、和規劃資料
  • 認識城市規劃過程
  • 能使用電腦去進行資料收集、電郵溝通、設計傳單海報等等
  • 網站設計技巧
  • 能填寫基金申請表和報告
  • 媒體和傳訊


  • 履歷表
  • 求職信(作爲您求職信的一部分,請用最多半頁回答這個問題:”貴族化在東端和唐人街的原因及後果是甚麼?”)
  • 兩名推薦人,包括社區工作或相關的工作人士


陳敬望 King-mong Chan


以下網站可拱申請人士預先查看: (中英文) (英文) (英文)

The Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) is hiring a bilingual Chinese community organizer to work with Chinatown Concern Group (CCG) members to build towards a Chinatown that centres on its low-income working-class community. This includes building the leadership of working-class community members in the fight for their neighbourhood, against gentrification and for affordable housing.

This is a three day per week position ($23/hr) for at least 2 years.

Duties of the organizer would include:

  • Develop stronger multi-racial alliances and solidarity with other grassroots groups in the community, especially between CCG and CCAP members/volunteers (including developing capacity for multi-lingual events/messaging).
  • Facilitate CCG weekly planning meetings with CCG leaders
  • Organize and plan campaigns and actions arising from CCG planning meetings
  • Base-building work:
    • Coordinating regular outreach activities (i.e. door-knocking, tabling, Town Halls);
    • Developing a better “membership” and outreach structure to CCG (i.e. building a network database)
  • Provide training and educational opportunities for CCG members (i.e. gentrification tours, educational workshops, presentations, discussion);
  • Develop volunteer/supporter base to support CCG’s work (i.e. building the support committees including communications, research, translation/interpretation, etc).
  • Maintaining the CCG communication platforms (i.e. website, Facebook page)
  • Writing bilingual newsletter articles from CCG’s work
  • Conduct the necessary research to support CCG’s work and actions
  • Support CCAP campaigns and research including helping produce CCAP’s annual housing and hotel report

Desired experience:

  • Bi-lingual in English and Cantonese (verbal required, written preferred)
  • Experience working with limited English proficient Chinese immigrant communities
  • Experience working in the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Developing campaigns for social justice with community groups
  • Ability to work in a team, independently, and with a community board
  • Good people skills
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Can conduct research on housing, income, and/or planning issues
  • Knowledge of city planning processes
  • Ability to use computer for research, emails, formatting flyers, posters, etc.
  • Web or blog design skills
  • Grant writing and reporting
  • Media/communications

Only people who are shortlisted to be interviewed will be contacted. Thank you so much to everyone else for being interested in this position; we hope you will continue to be involved in CCAP and CCG’s work in other capacities.

The job will start when the candidate is available or around November 1st 2016.

Please submit your application by Saturday Oct. 22nd:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (as part of your cover letter, please include a half-page response to the question: “What are the causes and effects of gentrification in the Downtown Eastside, including Chinatown?”)
  • Two references who are familiar with your work and community involvement.

Please submit your application to:

King-mong Chan
Carnegie Community Action Project

Please keep the entire application, including covering letter, in one email file.
Applicants are encouraged to check out these websites before applying: